Plant of the Month: Spider Plant

Spider Plants are lovely beginner plants, because they look amazing, and take little effort to manage. Their scientific name is Chlorophytum Comosum and they originally come from South Africa.

FullSizeRender (2) (1).jpg

Spider Plants start out as white flowers and grow into large green leaved plants with white outlines. To care for them, place them in soil with good drainage and keep them away from direct light. They prefer cooler environments, and in the spring, they will start to create flowers that turn into Spiderettes. Spiderettes are young versions of your Spider Plant, and will grow to be just as big if you take care of them correctly.

To grow a Spiderette, keep it connected to the original plant, but place it in well drained soil. Once it grows big enough, you can cut it off and you’ll have another Spider Plant!


Spider Plants are simple, easy to take care of, and beautiful, so go ahead and pick one up for your home!

Rachelle Lyn Smith