Four Easy Steps to Become A Propagation Pro

When people talk about planting cuttings and leaves, it may seem like a long-winded and complicated process, but it is simpler than it seems. If you follow the steps listed below, you’ll be a propagating pro in no time.

  1. Cut. Take off the leaf from the original plant by gently twisting it to keep the base of the leaf from staying on the stem. The end of the leaf should be rounding and whole. To get a cutting, cut a section of the stem and leaves off by cutting just above a leaf.

  1. Dry. Leave the cutting or leaf out to dry for one to three days. If it starts to wrinkle or shrivel, you can start planting and watering.

  2. Plant. For leaves, you should set them flat on top of the soil avoiding the base of the leaf entering the soil. Place the cuttings directly into the soil.

  3. Water. Water the leaves and cuttings daily when the soil is dry. Do not drown the leaves or cuttings, but just make sure the top layer of the soil is dry.


Propagating plants can seem like a lengthy and tough challenge to take on, but with these four steps, you’ll have new plants in a couple weeks!