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Our Urban Landscape
Based on our own experiences growing up in cities we saw a need for educational workshops on terrarium building. There are many people who would like plants in their home but are intimidated by plant care. Terrarium building allows participants to unleash their creativity and learn about plant maintenance in an approachable way. Our workshops can also be a social space for people from all walks of life to come together.


On Plants
We believe growing and caring for plants can make people happier. Our goal is to create better and more beautiful environments. Adding more flora to your home can clean the air and even ward off the blues! There is something meditative about caring for a living thing. Growing and maintaining plants has been a rewarding experience for us and we would like to bring that experience to others within our community.


On Sustainability
We are passionate about sustainability. As artists, we treasure bespoke handmade objects. Every item we sell has a story. It may have been handmade by an artist or artisan or previously owned or up-cycled.


Fern & Fossil was born in Newark, NJ.   


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What is Fern & Fossil?

In addition to hosting Terrarium Building Workshops, we sell terrariums, designed objects, and unique handmade gifts. 

Does Fern & Fossil host private workshops?

Yes. We require a 10 person minimum for private workshops. To inquire about pricing or to schedule your private event, please contact us at

Where is Fern & Fossil located?

Though we do not currently have a brick and mortar location, we regularly hold pop-up workshops and events in the New York/New Jersey metro area and Lancaster, PA. For more information follow us on social media.

Where can I buy Fern & Fossil terrariums and gift items?

Our online shop is coming soon. In the meantime visit our Events page or follow us on Facebook page for updates on Fern & Fossil pop-up locations.

How do I purchase a custom Terrarium?

Fill out our contact form, with details on the size and style of Terrarium you prefer. Indicate whether you would like a Terrarium with foliage or succulents. We will respond within 1-3 business days. 

Any questions? Call (862) 227 - FERN