Top Five Best Plants for Your Dorm

Whether your dorm room is made of cinder blocks with a single window, or is located at the top of your residence hall with a beautiful view, a lively plant can go a long way in making your space feel just like home. Fern & Fossil is going back to school with the Top Five Best Plants for Your Dorm.

Before we start, all these plants are succulents so they need good drainage. All this means is you have to pick up a pot with a hole at the bottom, along with a little dish to go beneath it! Also, use a potting soil mixed with sand or soil specifically formulated for succulents (these can be found at any garden center or big box hardware store).

Aloe Harlana

With the shape of an Aloe Vera plant, the Aloe Harlana offers much more with its white polka dots and easy care. To care for the Aloe Harlana plant, water when it is completely dry. You can keep your plant by your window as it grows best there. Pour water towards the base of the Aloe Harlana and let it drain for about thirty minutes. Once it’s done draining, remove the water from the plant below. You can even use that water to water any other plants you have! Rotate the plant once a week so it gets sun from all sides.

For an extra pick me up in the spring, coincidentally when your exams will be, the Aloe Harlana plant grows light pink flowers!

Snake Plant

If you want something a little more simple looking, go for the Snake Plant with its tall and striped leaves. The Snake Plant grows well in fluorescent lighting, so it’s perfect for your dorm! To care for it, use medium potting soil and place it by your window! If you have a window that gets a lot of light, move your plant farther away from the window. Rotate the plant once a week, and water the sides of the plant when the soil is dry. Not great with plants? The Snake Plant is fairly indestructible and can easily be revived if you accidentally skip a watering or two.

Topsy Turvy

The Topsy Turvy is certainly an unique succulent with minimal care. If you want that typical succulent texture, with a different shape, then this is the plant for you. It’ll liven up your room with it’s fun leaves, while leaving you with a lot of time for your other responsibilities. Place by your window, water when needed, and that’s it! This low-maintenance succulent is perfect if you’re an on-the-go student!

Morgan's Beauty

If you want something a little softer-looking, take a look at Morgan’s Beauty. It blooms orange or red flowers in the summer and has green-silver leaves. For care, use a combination of sand and soil for drainage, and let the plant completely dry out before watering it. In the winter, water is just enough so it doesn’t dry out. With it’s soft and thick leaves, Morgan’s Beauty will make your dorm feel like home in no time.

 Hens and Chicks

Fo the classic succulent look, pick up a Hens and Chicks plant from your local plant nursery. Hens and Chicks are one of the easiest succulents to take care of. All you have to do is place it by your window, and water when it’s dry. If you want a plant that only needs care every once in awhile, the Hens and Chicks plant is the one for you.

Plants are the best way to make your dorm feel and look more like your bedroom at home! With exams, sports, activities, plans with friends, and homework, a plant in your room will help give you an awesome place to relax in.