Plant of the Month: Sedum(Crassulaceae)

Sedum is one of the most common succulents grown and with the abundance of different species, there’s a Sedum for everyone.

Coming from Mexico, the Sedum plant’s official name is Crassulaceae and is most often planted in outdoor rock gardens. People love them for their star-shaped flowers that are white, red or yellow. While some species grow incredibly well in low temperatures, others thrive in hot climates.

To plant Sedums using seeds, use rich soil and plant during early spring. You can place them any distance apart from six inches two feet, depending on which species of sedum you’re planting. To plant from cuttings, place the cut end into soil and it’ll root itself in no time.

Sedums are very easy to take care of as you only have to water them when they seem dry. The only maintenance for Sedum plants is some trimming in order to keep them shaped and in one area.

When you do decide to get a Sedum plant, here just a few of the many species you can get.

If you want small, bright and round leaves look for Ogons. They are a species of Sedum succulent that are easy to take care of. If you’re someone who wants their succulents to be flower-shaped, check out Echeverias. The Caucasian Stonecrop is for you if you want bright pink flowers in your garden.

Sedums come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.