Plant of the Month: Rosemary

This month’s Plant of the Month is the Rosemary plant, which smells wonderful and has plenty of different uses such as cooking. The Rosemary Plant is officially named Rosmarinus officinalis and comes from the Mediterranean.

The leaves of Rosemary are more like needles found on a Pine tree. They are dark evergreen and easily taken off the stem.
To grow Rosemary plants either plant cuttings or seeds in well drained soil. Keep your plant at an average temperature of 70 degrees, since Rosemary plants do not grow in extreme temperatures. The most important part is to make sure you give your Rosemary plant enough room to grow. Rosemary plants can grow up to four feet high and wide. Providing your Rosemary plant with the space it needs will allow you to have a healthy plant.

It takes about a year for a Rosemary plant to really start growing, so as long as you are patient, you will receive the wonderful reward of a grown Rosemary plant ! As well as patience, your Rosemary plant will need plenty of light. While Rosemary plants can deal with some shade, they prefer sunlight.
Although Rosemary plants are not grown quickly, they are wonderful plants that smell great and can add an extra something to your meals. We love Rosemary so much, we even used it as Christmas decorations! Growing a Rosemary plant is definitely worth it, so give it a try.

Rachelle Lyn Smith