Plant of the Month: Snake Plant

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The Snake Plant is a great gateway if you are just starting to cultivate your green thumb. With its interesting patterned leaves and height, the Snake Plant is the perfect addition to your home, without adding a lot of care to your schedule.

Also known as Sansevieria, the Snake Plant comes from Africa and India, and can handle less light and watering. The leaves are tall and pointy, with green and white stripes. Sometimes, the Snake Plant can sprout a white flower. As well as growing a flower, a smaller Snake Plant might start to grow next to your larger one. If you want a plant that you can easily propagate, the Snake Plant is your best friend.

To grow a Snake Plant, use medium potting soil and place it by your window. Keep in mind that if your window gets a lot of sun, you should move your plant a little bit away from the window. Rotate your Snake Plant once a week so it can get even sun. For watering, check the soil to see when it is completely dry on all sides of the plant, and water.

Planting and taking care of a Snake Plant can really be the best of both worlds. If you’re busy all the time, but you still want some greenery in your home, the Snake Plant is the low maintenance plant you’ve been looking for. If you want to start propagating some plants, but you want to start with something easy, the Snake Plant is the way to go!