Fern & Fossil Holiday Gift Set

The holidays are coming up and the familiar gift struggle is here. Fern & Fossil is here to help you through it.

You know the deal. You want to get someone a thoughtful gift, but you’re not sure what to get them. A gift card seems too impersonal, but picking the perfect gift is hard. Everything feels too easy, too much, or too little. Then, you push off getting the gift, because you’re not sure what to get. Soon, it’s a few days before you’re exchanging gifts, and you have nothing to give.


This holiday season, don’t worry about getting someone the perfect one gift, when Fern & Fossil has an entire Holiday Gift Set that has something for everyone. The Fern & Fossil Holiday Gift Set includes a terrarium, a terrarium ornament, a soap quartz, and a bath bomb! There is no way someone won’t like this gift! You don’t have go to multiple stores, buying several expensive items to put together in one gift; you can just buy one gift set from Fern & Fossil. And if you do know what to get your friends, there are items for sale under $10 such as Soap Quartz, Fern Bath Bombs, and Moss Terrarium Ornaments!

The Fern & Fossil Holiday Gift Set is only $35 and is available for a limited time! Where do you get one, you ask? Lucky for you, Fern & Fossil is having a Holiday Sale December 15th at 5pm! The Holiday Sale & Soiree will be at 237 Washington St in Newark, NJ.

Save time, money, and effort by getting the perfect gift for everyone through your friends at Fern & Fossil!